Cloud Billing Platform

A cloud billing platform is a type of billing platform that is hosted in the cloud. As a cloud-based solution, a cloud billing platform delivers many of the benefits associated with B2B SaaS, such as lower CAPEX costs. To be the most effective, a cloud billing platform should be able to accommodate multiple pricing models—including recurring, tiered, one-time, etc.—as well as offer the ability to quickly change pricing, customize invoices, automate reconciliation, and more. It is estimated that the worldwide cloud billing market will reach $48.4 billion by 2026.

Why Billing Transformation Is a Must-Do

Organizations with legacy billing systems are facing the challenges of either maintaining the status quo or digitally transform and make billing a priority. Our white paper explores the trends that are driving the need for modernize billing and what challenges having legacy billing systems can create.

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Billing integrations

AppDirect Subscription Billing Service

Learn about the cloud billing solutions designed to monetize cloud services that can help drive sales directly.

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