Modernize Billing


Modernize Billing

AppDirect helps Communication Service Providers upgrade their legacy billing systems to a flexible cloud billing engine built to sell SaaS.

Why billing, why now?

Telcos and ISPs are under more pressure than ever to launch innovative products and services to their customers. However, legacy billing systems make it difficult and costly to bring new offerings to market. When 65% of new product initiatives are delayed or forced to narrow scope due to inflexible, outdated billing systems, getting billing right is more important than ever.

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Measuring Success

Optimize billing, drive new business models

Accelerate time to market and increase customer satisfaction with a high performing, highly configurable billing engine built for modern business models. Leverage an open source billing solution that makes it easy to add new products, bill for subscription-based or highly complex metered usage, and improve the customer experience with accurate, streamlined invoicing. All without having to rip and replace your existing systems.

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Optimize Billing Drive New Business Modules
Why Billing Transformation is Essential in the Digital Economy


Learn why billing transformation is essential for CSPs competing in today’s digital economy.

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All the capabilities you need

  • Automated Provisioning, Billing, and Payment

    Reduce Revenue Leakage

    Reflect recent price changes accurately and transparently

    Precisely calculate usage charges (by GB, by seat, and more)

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  • Streamline in the Digital Economy

    Iterate Products Faster

    Plug-in architecture provides industry’s most comprehensive set of pricing models

    Create complex pricing and billing scenarios with ease

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  • Analytics Abilities

    Integrate systems to support data analytics

    100% API addressable solution to enable seamless integration

    Transparent and open architecture increases information capture for advanced data analytics

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CSPs elevating their business with AppDirect

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    Start Selling Cloud Services

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  • Icons40X40 Csp Extend Monetize Support

    Offer End User Cloud Support

    Grow margins and revenue by offering premium end user onboarding, migration and support services.


  • Streamline Growth

    Launch a Partner Ecosystem

    Differentiate and innovate faster by providing an attractive environment for software developers to build creative solutions that drive more sales.


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