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Drive digital transformation with systems of innovation and engagement through cloud billing solutions and a subscription billing platform.

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AppBilling helps companies drive digital transformation by modernizing their recurring billing infrastructure. For new business lines or to replace legacy business support systems, forward-looking companies are implementing AppBilling's subscription billing platform to achieve critical business outcomes such as time to market gains, reduced churn and increased revenue per user. By making no assumptions about how a company should bill for its goods and services, AppBilling’s open and flexible architecture is ready to support even the most disruptive business model or billing metric with cloud billing solutions.

Appbilling Cloud

"We had to have a billing solution customizable and tailored to our demands and needs. It was something that we found to be very difficult to find. With most of the systems we explored we found that we would need to retro-fit our requirements into their fixed structure. It was difficult and always a compromise, where with AppBilling there is no compromise. AppBilling gives us what we need."

- Suresh Rasakulasuriar, VP Development
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Innovate, Compete and Adapt

Legacy business support systems—commercial or built in house—are increasingly eroding competitiveness. By making billing configuration changes quick and risk-free, AppBilling's cloud billing solutions supports experimentation in nascent and evolving markets, and empowers companies to innovate, compete and adapt.

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Appbilling Innovate Compete Adapt

Drive Metrics That Matter

Billing touches every part of an organization and is a critical customer touchpoint. AppBilling helps transform processes for accurate and frictionless experiences around recurring billing, improving hard metrics like CSAT, NPS and churn. AppBilling also addresses revenue leaks and can significantly reduce high capital and operational expenses typical of outdated billing infrastructure.

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Appbilling Drive Metrics That Matter

Future-proof Billing

Successful companies never stand still, always looking to catch the next wave and provide new offerings to exploit it. AppBilling’s flexibility and configurability ensure that billing enables innovation as opposed to hindering it similar to Office 365 billing. And AppBilling’s subscription billing platform easily scales to keep pace with any level of business growth.

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Appbilling Future Proof Billing

AppBilling Cloud

AppBilling Cloud is a highly scalable and flexible platform for recurring billing and monetizing cloud services.

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Appbilling Cloud


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