The leading commerce platform for selling cloud services.

Powering millions of cloud subscriptions worldwide with our marketplace, billing, reseller, and distribution solutions.

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Grow both your direct and indirect software sales

  • Cloud Marketplace & Management Service

    Facilitates the monetization of products through hosted marketplaces, enabling companies to sell their own core offerings or third­-party products.


  • Subscription Billing Service

    Drives direct sales with self-­service commerce through a company’s own website.


  • Reseller Management Service

    Allows companies to oversee and grow reseller networks with automated tools needed to manage the complete customer lifecycle.


Choose the products you want to sell

  • Sell Third-Party Products

    Select and sell from a leading catalog of over 250 apps including Microsoft Office 365, Symantec, Box, Google Apps, and many more.


  • Onboard Your Own Products

    Integrate your product to drive revenue through your website, resellers, and marketplaces.


AppDirect helps you be successful at any stage

Whether you’re a global brand or new start­up, AppDirect is your go­-to partner to enable you to sell software.

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  • Offer self-service billing

    A powerful yet cost-effective billing solution for your cloud services on your own website. 

  • Distribute Through Marketplaces

    Reach more customers by harnessing the power of the world’s leading brands.

  • Automate Sales

    AppDirect enables your sales team with the tools to bill on behalf of customers.

  • Build A Reseller Network

    Expand your indirect sales channel by enabling third-party resellers to sell your products.

  • Create an Affiliate and Referral Program

    Use referral and affiliate management to monetize your leads and drive even more revenue.

  • Launch an App Marketplace

    Scale your business value with your own partner app ecosystem.

AppDirect enables you to make data­‐driven decisions

Track real­time performance indicators that will help you evaluate, refine, and expand your software distribution

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