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Keller Williams Delivers Cloud Services to Agents with Marketplace

Keller Williams has disrupted the traditional ways in which real estate firms generate revenue via its online marketplace for agents and vendors.

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Keller Williams (KW), the world’s largest real estate technology franchise by agent count, was on a journey to redefine itself as a technology company. The path began by building the world’s first real estate cloud, which ​​included applications for sales, marketing automation, HR, and more. Soon, KW realized it needed a marketplace that agents could use to buy and manage these tools. As a top priority, KW needed a solution that gave agents a one-stop shop while eliminating provisioning and billing challenges.


Recognizing that building a marketplace was not a core competency, KW began to look for a partner. After evaluating its options, Keller Williams chose AppMarket Ecosystem Edition, a white-label marketplace solution that delivers an intuitive shopping experience for any type of product, from software and services to physical goods.

Customer Quote

"With AppDirect, we can provide a single point of commerce that reduces friction for our agents. It’s the first real estate-specific app store in the industry where agents can easily discover new innovations and add them to the core technology stack that supports their business."

Jeff Tamaru, Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy


Today, the KW MarketPlace powered by AppMarket is the storefront and commerce engine for the Keller Cloud and third-party applications that plug into the Keller Cloud ecosystem. As a testament to the company’s digital leadership, Fast Company has named Keller Williams a “Most Innovative Company” in real estate.

While initially the KW MarketPlace provided Keller Williams agents with an open ecosystem of applications for agents, ultimately the company plans to drive all commerce through the KW MarketPlace. This will include its Keller Williams coaching services as well as physical goods, third-party professional services, and event ticketing for a truly multidimensional commerce model. The KW MarketPlace continues to be a pillar of success on the path to becoming a remarkable technology company while enabling real estate agents to sell more houses with the help of cloud applications.

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