The Forrester New Wave™: Marketplace Development Platforms, Q4 2021

AppDirect Named a Leader, Earns Differentiated Scores in Seven of 10 Criteria

Marketplaces are an increasingly important go-to-market strategy for digital commerce. Learn why Forrester named AppDirect a leader in the marketplace development platforms category.

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“AppDirect is built cloud native to sell subscription-based services. Its broad feature set enables it to manage the full customer lifecycle, and its robust APIs enable it to integrate with other best-of- breed components that manage a portion of the customer lifecycle."

- The Forrester New Wave™: Marketplace Development Platforms, Q4 2021
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AppDirect Receives a Differentiated Rating in 7 out of 10 criteria

Each vendor in the Forrester report was evaluated in 10 critical areas, from architecture to vision. AppDirect achieved differentiated scores in seven of these criteria, including:

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    "How well does the architecture provide resilience, scale, and performance? How does it support integration, extensibility, customization, and composition?"

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    “How does the platform support syndicated third-party catalogs (e.g., Microsoft Office 365)? How does it support provisioning; single sign-on and identity management for end users; bundling of digital services; and bundling of physical and digital?”

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    "How well does the product vision align with the current and future needs of customers? How well does it align with current and future trends?"

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    “How does the platform support end-to-end customer lifecycle management? How does it support customer account hierarchies; purchasing controls and approval processes; customer-specific pricing; configure, price, quote; and self-service and rep-assisted buying?”

A Platform Built for your Strategy

Forrester points out: "But not all marketplace development platforms are a fit for all strategies. The vendors in this evaluation are optimized for either selling bits or atoms. Selling bits is a subscription/metered usage business. To engage software-as-a-service (SaaS) buyers, firms need to offer self-service and rep-assisted selling motions through an often complex channel comprising multiple partner types."

Forrester concludes that AppDirect: "Is the best fit for ISVs and manufacturers building an ecosystem of digital services."

“AppDirect is uniquely fit for independent software vendors (ISVs) adding app stores and for manufacturers extending their equipment with digital services, including anything-as-a-service (XaaS) offerings based on their equipment and digital services.”

—The Forrester New Wave™: Marketplace Development Platforms, Q4 2021

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