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Launch a white-label software marketplace to sell your own core offerings and third-party products.

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Launch A Custom Cloud Marketplace

Offer an intuitive shopping experience for your customers that reduces the time and cost of finding and buying the perfect solutions.

Choose a turnkey marketplace or build with APIs

Handcraft your marketplace using AppDirect's robust APIs for product settings, payments, usage, and more, or get to market quickly with an out-of-the-box marketplace that's easy to customize. Our team of experts can help you decide which path is best for your business based on your goals and resources.

Launch a turnkey marketplace or build with APIs

Your brand. Your look and feel.

Easily customize the branding and layout of your marketplace through a variety of configurable options and developer tools. From coding a theme to using drag and drop capabilities for quick changes, you’ll be able to create a storefront that is unique to you.

Customize the branding of your marketplace with AppMarket

Flexibility to sell any product type

From physical goods to software and services, AppMarket enables you to sell, ship, and manage a variety of products. Whether you’re offering a set of niche products or a broad portfolio of products and services, AppMarket can be the one-stop shop for your customers.

Flexibility to Sell Any Product Type with AppMarket

Intuitive checkout flow

Our simple, modern purchase flow is optimized for a fast checkout and helps customers maintain focus. This dynamic checkout enables multi-product purchases with discounts, bundles, and all forms of payment methods.

Intuitive Checkout Flow with AppMarket

Customers who are succeeding with AppMarket

Need help deciding what will work best for you?

Rich product profiles

Give customers a complete understanding of what products do and how they can help them. Profiles include all the information needed to make a purchase decision: features and benefits, Q&A forums, product ratings, and demos, as well as editions and pricing.

Rich Product Profiles with AppMarket

Advanced merchandising tools

Take control over what your customers find, try, and buy. Manage product visibility, tagging, categorization, and placement. Create bundles with preferential pricing, offer discounts, mark prices up or down, and run trials to drive purchase behavior.

Advanced Merchandising Tools with AppMarket

Access the largest application catalog

Choose from 300+ SaaS/IaaS providers. Each provider is pre-integrated so you can add them to your marketplace immediately. Offer catalog applications alongside your solutions to meet all of your customers’ needs.

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Access the largest application catalog with over 300 SaaS and IaaS providers

Manage Your White-Label Marketplace

Automate back-office functions and optimize for self-service to reduce your cost of operations.

Automated provisioning and fulfillment

Provision all applications on-demand, providing customers with immediate access to services as soon as they buy. If you’re selling physical products, automatically ship orders directly from the marketplace or connect to your existing fulfillment system.

Automated Provisioning and Fulfillment

A robust billing engine

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. AppMarket integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own billing system.

Robust billing engine with AppMarket

Customer management tools

Make customer on-boarding and management easy. Access a full view of marketplace activity, including company and contact information, number of users, pending applications, trials, spend, account details, and more.

Customer management tools with AppMarket

Customers who are succeeding with AppMarket

Our team of experts is ready to support your success.

Extend your platform with partner solutions

Browse from among 40+ partner solutions and integrations in the AppDirect Add-On Store to extend the capabilities of your platform. Leverage our Connectors to synchronize data between your platform and existing business systems or tap into other integrations to power search & recommendations, populate ratings on your marketplace, and more.

Extend your platform with partner solutions

Out-of-the-box and customizable reports

Use a library of reports detailing user or subscription activity, invoices, payments, and more, or tailor reports to meet your unique business needs. Customize what you track, select data ranges and reporting frequency, and adjust the format of the downloadable reports.

Out of the box and customizable reports

Gain real-time visibility into data and analytics

Track marketplace activity and health from customizable dashboards. Discover trends that will help you achieve your KPIs and accelerate your workflows. Export the data or use our APIs to connect to other tools.

Real-time visibility into data and analytics

Give Developers Control

We make it easy for developers to integrate, manage, and market their own products on your digital marketplace.

Developer integrations

Build a powerful third-party ecosystem by arming developers with a comprehensive set of tools to build solutions for your marketplace. Offer state-of-the-art onboarding and management tools that automate integration testing, maintenance, marketing, and reporting.

Developer integrations

Developer content management

Allow third-party developers to create and manage solutions on your marketplace. Developers create the product profile — a description, resources, and pricing and editions — and submit for publication. This approval step ensures you control your marketplace catalog.

Developer content management

Multiple product types

Developers can onboard a variety of products, including SaaS, domain, downloadable, web-based, and physical products. They can select their billing management model, such as one-time or recurring billing, as well as whether they offer a single or multi-user solution.

Multiple product types

Customers who are succeeding with AppMarket

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Release management

Enable developers to manage and deliver multiple versions of their products. Developers can use the versioning system to manage updates and changes in development and production environments. Once ready, they can easily push the product live with quick approval flows.

Release Management with AppMarket

Vendor reconciliation and payouts

Set the price of your product and the AppMarket reconciliation engine will account for discounts and different rates by a vendor to parse out the amount owed to each party. Developers can use out-of-box payments gateways to receive their monthly revenue share payout.

Vendor reconciliation and payouts

Developer dashboards

AppMarket equips developers with sophisticated dashboards to track activity and success. It allows vendors to see how their applications are performing, from the number of subscriptions and order details (start date, billing periods, etc), to usage metrics, invoices, and payments.

Developer dashboards with AppMarket

Better Customer Experience

Personalize the customer experience from the moment your customers start looking for products through to purchasing and using them.

Single sign-on

By signing in once, customers can launch all of their apps from a single destination, creating a seamless experience that minimizes frustration. AppMarket supports SSO industry standards SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

Authentication and Authorization SS

Central user administration

Empower your customers to manage products easily. User administrators access and manage all of their applications from one simple and secure site where they can invite new users, assign roles, assign apps, monitor service adoption and usage, and more.

Central user administration with AppMarket

Customers who are succeeding with AppMarket

Learn more about AppMarket by speaking to an expert.

Personalized notifications

Deliver the right message at the right time. The AppMarket notification engine allows you to personalize customer messaging, whether sent through email, SMS, or your existing email marketing tools using webhooks.

Personalized notifications with AppMarket

Target customer segments

Personalize the experience for each customer. Segment by business size, geography, value, and more. Select attributes and then set product visibility, recommendations, and other rules. You can even use any existing loyalty program membership lists.

Target customer segments with AppMarket

"While in the past Deutsche Telekom had invented cloud tools and solutions on our own, AppDirect stepped in and provided everything we needed to get a marketplace up and running. It was the starting point of what has become a very good relationship, and we're thrilled to have AppDirect by our side in our journey to bring cloud services/IT to life."

- Lutz Frolich, Senior Vice President for Cloud Services
Customer Deutsche Telekom


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