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The Digital Economy

The digital economy starts with data—vast oceans of information that flow across barriers and borders to almost every inhabited place on Earth.

This data, some 2.5 quintillion bytes created every day, is the most transformative economic force since the steam-powered engine. It fuels every digital activity—from search engine queries, to credit card swipes, to blockchain transactions—that power today’s global commerce.

Currently estimated at $11.5 trillion, the immense size of the digital economy is only matched by the massive opportunity it offers for economic growth and empowerment for businesses of all sizes the world over.

Digital Economy Opportunity

AppDirect and the Digital Economy

AppDirect helps companies enter, grow, and thrive in the digital economy. We provide the technology and expertise to power subscription billing platforms, ecosystems, and digital transformation.

AppDirect in the Digital Economy
Digital Economy Quote

“[A]ll activities that use digitized data are part of the digital economy: in modern economies, the entire economy.”

—International Monetary Fund

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