Automate Reseller Management for ISV


Manage a Reseller Program

Whether you’re starting to explore indirect sales channels or looking to scale or optimize a reseller program, you need a platform that makes it easy for partners to do business with you.

Wish you could deliver a better reseller channel experience?

It can be hard to scale indirect sales via partner programs when essential functions like onboarding, billing and provisioning, and reconciliations and payouts, are driven by manual and inefficient processes. Automation is key to reducing the friction points in reseller management and starting to scale.

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Reduce Friction for Channel Partners

Streamline partner management, scale your reseller program

Monetize your partner relationships with an automated commerce portal that enables the management of referral lead and deal registration, pipeline, commerce and reporting across channel partners. AppDirect offers a flexible platform to experiment, drive scale, and expand reach.

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Streamline Partner Management Scale Your Reseller Program
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All the capabilities you need

  • Streamline in the Digital Economy

    Automated Partner Management

    End-to-end partner lifecycle management in a single system

    Reseller sales automation and customer management

    Robust reporting on sales, costs and revenue across your partner ecosystem


  • End to End Solution

    Seamless Procurement Experience

    Self-service tools to manage deal registration, provisioning, subscription billing and payments

    User management functions to invite customer users, reset passwords, manage roles

    Purchase workflows to create, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel orders


  • Tools and Services

    Maximize Channel Revenue

    Increase your MoM channel revenue

    Increase your total channel revenue 

    Decrease time spent on order management through automation

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ISVs elevating their business with AppDirect

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Harness the power of a reseller network through a single platform.