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Sell Software as a Service

AppDirect is the leading subscription commerce platform to sell in-demand software as a service (SaaS) products.

The World’s Leading SaaS Catalog

AppDirect offers the largest portfolio of best-in-class SaaS solutions in the world. These products include software and services from nearly 300 industry-leading vendors, such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Adobe, Zoom, Box, and more. With a wide selection of pre-integrated solutions, AppDirect can help technology merchants get to market fast and start driving revenue quickly. Visit our catalog, or read more about our flagship vendors below.

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The AppDirect Advantage for SaaS Resellers

The AppDirect platform offers a range of features and benefits for SaaS resellers. These include the ability to:

  • Create and customize a SaaS marketplace with a variety of easy-to-use tools
  • Bundle solutions together to create unique offerings
  • Automatically provision applications on demand
  • Take advantage of a robust billing engine that can handle the billing complexity of multiple subscription pricing models
  • Use 50+ connectors to integrate your marketplace with existing business systems across a range of categories
  • Track marketplace activity and health from customizable dashboards and reports
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