Modernize the Procurement Experience

Offer employees a one-stop shop for all their office needs through a centralized marketplace for hardware, software, and more.

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Modernize the Procurement Experience

Do you have visibility into your tail spend?

With procurement teams focused on strategic spend, other types of purchases—one-time, low-value, misclassified—can easily go overlooked. These tail spend purchases can account for up to 20 percent of an organization's spending, and can quickly add up to a significant investment amount. When employees lack an easy way to procure the tools they need, they face the inefficient, time-consuming burden of having to source, buy, and expense solutions on their own. Moreover, it exposes companies to risky suppliers and eliminates opportunities for cost savings.

Regain control with a procurement marketplace

Give your employees the power to make spend decisions while offering an improved purchase experience and respecting your existing pay-to-procure systems and policies. Use end-to-end tracking to gain visibility and turn tail spend into managed spend.

For Your Employees:

  • Offer a totally curated catalog within a dedicated marketplace
  • Deliver a modern, omni-channel purchase experience

For Your Business:

  • Seamlessly connect to your existing procurement systems to drive workflows and rules
  • Unlock better pricing by using a single supplier aggregator to onboard common tail spend products and services

Learn more about how you can transform your tail spend procurement.

All the capabilities you need

  • Extensive Catalog and Merchandising Capabilities

    Choose from a pre-integrated catalog of 300+ third-party apps or work with fulfillment partners to onboard your own products and services. AppDirect is the only platform providing a central hub to compare, purchase, and provision any solution.

  • Open and Agnostic Platform

    Integrate your existing source-to-pay systems, processes, and policies with the platform to automate purchase rules, workflows, and payouts.

  • Customizable Marketplaces

    AppDirect offers a variety of developer and business user tools to help you customize the experience in your marketplace—everything from how products are showcased, to the checkout experience for employees.


Modernize the Procurement Experience

AppDirect can help to automate backend functions that are crucial for procuring digital solutions. Functions such as billing, provisioning, and activation can help save time and money while improving the employee experience.

The AppDirect platform offers the automation, enablement, and experience to help you succeed.

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