Resell Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Launch or scale your IaaS business quickly and cost effectively with solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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As on-premise applications move to the cloud, and cloud-native companies become the new normal, the demand for IaaS is higher than ever before. However, meeting this demand and reselling cloud infrastructure presents complex technical challenges, such as consolidating and reconciling usage-based billing in different currencies across multiple providers, and enabling discounts and markups in multi-tier distribution. Even then, providers often have to hire teams of sales and support representatives to manually fulfill and manage orders along with engineers to implement the continual updates of new IaaS capabilities and incentive structures. Many resellers ultimately find it difficult to sell IaaS solutions from one provider, let alone multiple providers. Optimizing all of the technology and processes behind reselling IaaS can make deep cuts in profitability and severely slow time to market.

Resell IaaS Challenges


The AppDirect platform is purpose-built to sell, manage, and bill for IaaS from the industry's leading providers—AWS, Azure, and GCP—with just a few clicks. Customers can compare IaaS solutions side-by-side in a customizable online marketplace, as well as bundle value-add services like migration, training, and maintenance.

You can also bundle and sell fully integrated, complementary SaaS products from the AppDirect catalog—such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, and third-party add-ons from the AWS Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and GCP Marketplace—to meet all of your customers’ needs. Moreover, customers can buy extra capacity, balance their resources with a multi-cloud strategy, and manage all of their subscriptions, self-service, in the same digital hub.

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How it works

AppDirect automates critical backend functions—purchasing, pricing and credit handling, provisioning, usage tracking, usage-based billing and invoicing, reconciliation and payouts—giving you the freedom to scale without technical restrictions and manual workflows. The platform supports assisted sales, multiple tiers of distribution with resellers in different currencies, and makes it easy to set margins, markups, and discounts. For those already selling IaaS, existing subscriptions can easily be migrated onto the platform so that all of the billing and subscription complexities are solved in a single solution.

AppDirect is an open and extensible platform designed to flexibly meet your business requirements. In addition to a team of cloud commerce experts in Digital Transformation Services that is ready to build custom integrations, AppDirect’s Add-On Store offers connectors that sync AppDirect data with your internal systems in real time and pre-built integrations to drive automated sales. Now you have the freedom to capitalize on the estimated $266.4 billion businesses are projected to spend on IaaS in 2020.

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Resell Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

AppDirect is the only end-to-end digital commerce platform for selling, distributing, and managing cloud-based products and services to succeed in the digital economy. AppDirect powers custom-branded marketplaces, billing, distribution, reselling, and premium technical support services that are trusted by more than 35 million businesses.

  • Launch a custom-branded online marketplace
  • Get to market quickly, across multiple geographies and channels
  • Grow IaaS revenue cost effectively
  • Automate billing, invoicing, pricing, subscription management, reconciliation and payout
  • Rapidly deploy updates to the marketplace with a robust developer toolkit and drag-and-drop layout editor
  • Single sign-on and directory integration

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