Platforms are the virtual places where people come together to buy, sell, trade, and share in the digital economy.

There are platforms for almost every type of product or service in every industry. For example, places to stay (Airbnb), rides (Lyft), information (Facebook), mobile apps (the App Store), business software, and much more.

Platforms are so critical to success that companies are tearing down and rebuilding their internal systems, processes, and organizations from the ground up to put digital at the core of their operations. This phenomenon—digital transformation—is a top priority for executives worldwide.

Successful Platforms

The AppDirect Platform

The AppDirect SaaS platform offers a complete range of functionalities that enable any company to launch and scale a platform of its own. With advanced billing, automation, and management tools, AppDirect is the only end-to-end subscription commerce platform for succeeding in the digital economy.

The AppDirect Platform
Platform Quote

By 2023, “65 percent of organizations will aggressively modernize legacy systems with extensive new technology platform investments.”


  • Offer Engine Icon

    Offer Engine

    Price, package, and configure your own offers alongside third-party offers without back-end system headaches

  • Developer Onboarding Engine Icon

    Developer Onboarding Engine

    Start a third-party developer ecosystem with built-in merchandising, referrals, pricing, provisioning, and reconciliation

  • Provisioning Engine Icon

    Provisioning Engine

    Provision your own or third-party services in seconds, providing instant gratification to your customers

  • Multi-sided Solution Engine Icon

    Multi-sided Solution Engine

    Offer any product configuration, any pricing model, on any device through any channel 

  • Device Commerce Management Engine Icon

    Device Commerce & Management Engine

    Build and manage a custom marketplace to expand value 

  • Channel Engine Icon

    Channel Engine

    Tools to help your direct sellers and indirect resellers bundle, quote, sell, and provision your offers and/or third-party offers, with reconciliation capabilities to ensure everyone is paid the right share

  • Global Tax Payment Engine Icon

    Global Tax & Payment Engine

    Pre-integrated tax solutions and payment gateways make tax and payments simple

  • Manage Your Reseller Network

    Customer Lifecycle Management Engine

    Subscriptions change, upgrade/downgrade, add new seats throughout the lifecycle handle the billing and provisioning in one step.

  • Reporting Engine Icon

    Reporting Engine

    Define, configure and change reports to get generate insights from your platform data

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