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Banks are among today’s most trusted institutions, but they are steadily losing customers to a new crop of web-based FinTech startups. These innovative companies are taking on banks—and winning. To stay competitive, banks and other financial institutions need to become more agile and offer a greater diversity of banking and business technology.

Financial Services Challenge


Today’s banks have the resources and customer expertise to become the center of an ecosystem of banking services that includes traditional financial products as well as software solutions for businesses. However, banks can’t do it alone—they need an experienced partner like AppDirect to help them understand this new cloud ecosystem and how to make a seamless transition to becoming a cloud services provider.

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Financial Services Solution

“By working with the AppDirect team, we are able to give our clients a seamless experience and easy access to our analytics solutions.”

- Doug Clare, FICO
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How it works

The AppDirect platform provides a complete end-to-end solution that enables banks and financial institutions to sell add-on software products with their core banking services. Our billing technology gives financial institutions a powerful solution to handle the complexities of recurring revenue and account management for business customers, while our platform technology allows these institutions to customize and launch a marketplace within weeks, instead of months or years.

With AppDirect, banks and financial institutions can lead the way in small business services and technology.

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