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AppDirect enables ISVs to monetize their cloud services and helps them grow from startup to IPO, and beyond.


As the popularity of cloud-based software skyrockets, traditional distribution channels simply can’t keep up. As a result, today’s software vendors face an uphill battle not only to find the best technology to support their on-demand and subscription-based delivery models, but also to determine which sales channels will drive the most revenue overall.

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Trying out different go-to-market strategies can be costly and time-consuming, and there is no “silver bullet” approach; each company is unique and has different needs at different stages of growth. AppDirect gives software vendors a powerful, flexible platform that offers them the freedom to experiment, drive scale, and expand reach, all while minimizing cost and risk.

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“Our partnership with AppDirect is based upon the idea that we need an open ecosystem of services in the cloud where people can develop new and interesting services. Developers can then use those services to build cutting-edge experiences and drive new business value.” 

- Paul Maritz, Chairman of the Board

How it works

AppDirect allows ISVs to innovate by enabling them at every stage of growth. Startup ISVs can utilize the AppDirect platform to quickly find product/market fit and drive app sales through both direct and indirect go-to-market strategies. Emerging ISVs  can use the platform to extend the reach of products and drive scale with reseller programs and other initiatives. Mature ISVs can use the platform to continue exploring new routes to help sell more business apps, including scaling partner programs, building ecosystems of third-party products to complement cloud services, and distributing through a network with over one million paid users.

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