Case Study: Keller Williams

Disrupting Itself by Becoming an Agent-Driven Technology Company

Keller Williams needed a way to sell, manage, and provision software, education, and other goods and services from its Keller Cloud platform. Learn why the world's largest real estate franchise turned to AppDirect to launch a best-in-class marketplace.

Keller Williams turns to AppDirect to launch its marketplace

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Key Highlights

This case study details why Keller Williams (KW) needed to launch a cloud app marketplace, why its team selected the AppDirect platform, and the results the company has experienced so far. Highlights include how AppDirect enables KW to:

  • Power multidimensional commerce and replaces disparate, legacy billing systems
  • Streamline the agent experience with one-stop shopping for their businesses
  • Allow the team to focus on delivering apps core to real estate

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“With AppDirect, we can provide a single point of commerce that reduces friction for our agents. It’s the first real estate-specific app store where agents can easily discover new innovations and add them to the core technology stack that supports their business.“