Webhooks are real-time system-to-system push notifications that relay events. These automated messages are sent from apps when something happens. They are a simple yet powerful way for different software systems to communicate with each other. In essence, a webhook delivers a data payload to a specific URL in response to an event in a source system.

For example, when a new order is placed in a marketplace, a webhook might trigger an update in a connected CRM. This makes webhooks an essential component in modern API-driven architectures, enabling real-time data sharing and process automation between various online services, enhancing efficiency and synchronicity in business operations.

Upgrading Real-time Event Notifications: Unveiling Our Webhook Overhaul

Want to learn more about how AppDirect uses webhooks? Explore how the engineering team transformed the AppDirect architecture using webhooks for seamless integration, reliability, and direct customer insights in event-driven systems.

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