Subscription Billing Platform

A subscription billing platform is a type of cloud billing solution that is deployed to manage recurring billing for software solutions. There are a wide range of subscription billing platforms that provide a variety of features.

To be most effective, a subscription billing platform should offer the ability to easily accommodate new SKUs or pricing changes, the ability to calculate usage charges (by minute, by GB, by seat, etc.) accurately, the ability to track third-party billing and payouts (such as reseller payouts) correctly, and serve as the single source of truth for invoicing.

Six Things to Know About Billing for Subscription Commerce

Read our guide to learn about the different capabilities your billing solution needs in order to be ready for subscription commerce.

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Optimize Billing Drive New Business Modules

B2B Subscription Commerce Is on the Rise

We recently interviewed Emanuel "Bert" Bertolin, AppDirect's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Provider Services, where he talks about his perspective on subscriptions, the importance of B2B subscription commerce in today's digital economy, and the impact it has on billing.

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Optimizing for Subscription Commerce

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