SaaS Marketplace

A SaaS marketplace is a type of application marketplace. At a SaaS marketplace, customers can go to an online storefront to find, purchase, and manage cloud-based SaaS applications.

SaaS marketplaces can offer varying degrees of functionality, from simple listings where customers can compare SaaS products and be referred to a vendor to complete their purchases, to a full digital commerce experience that allows customers to buy and immediately provision software.

According to Gartner, enterprise customers of all sizes buy over half of their services from SaaS marketplaces, making them a cornerstone of a successful go-to-market strategy for providers looking to sell SaaS.

Finding the Right Marketplace Platform Provider

Today's marketplace and platform technology can offer sophisticated tools to handle complex components that would take years to build in house. However, not all providers offer features and functionalities that are necessary to launch and scale successful marketplaces.

Explore the key questions companies should ask as they evaluate marketplace platform providers.

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Finding the right marketplace provider platform

How to Sell B2B SaaS: 10 Strategies for Success

Learn about the best practices on how to sell B2B SaaS effectively, especially in digital marketplaces. We've collected 10 strategies that are being used by some of the top leaders in the industry.

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