Cloud Service Commerce

Cloud service commerce is the selling of cloud-based software (also called cloud services, Software-as-a-Service applications, and SaaS apps).

Cloud service commerce is also one of technology’s fastest growing sectors. According to analyst firms IDC and Bain & Company, spending on cloud solutions is predicted to grow at a rate six times faster than overall IT spending, a 19 percent CAGR, to reach $390 billion by 2020.

Top Must-Haves to Succeed in Cloud Service Commerce

In order to become a trusted leader in the digital economy, there are 6 must-haves when it comes to building a product catalog, what critical components are needed of a digital marketplace, and more. Some of the critical components include:

1. A clear business case

Before getting into technology platforms and applications, providers must take the time to create a clear business case.

2. A compelling, curated application catalog

Offer your customers what they want, and they will buy.

3. Powerful, flexible billing

A powerful, flexible billing engine is vital to the success of your cloud service commerce strategy.

To learn more about what is needed to succeed in cloud service commerce, download our guide, "Top 6 Must-Haves to Succeed in Cloud Service Commerce."

Cloud Service Commerce 101

Learn what you need to know about software sales and distribution and the key takeaways you'll need to consider to achieve your digital strategy goals. This white paper will outline key considerations you'll need to tackle your strategy goals, including:

  • Seeking out new revenue streams
  • Moving up the value chain
  • Removing the barriers to entry
  • Choosing the best cloud service commerce platform
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