Cloud Billing Solutions

Cloud billing solutions are tools that are used to bill for cloud-based software and infrastructure. Cloud billing solutions can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud themselves.

To be most effective, cloud billing solutions should offer several key features, including the ability to easily accommodate new SKUs or pricing changes, the ability to calculate usage charges (by minute, by GB, by seat, etc.) accurately, the ability to track third-party billing and payouts (such as reseller payouts) correctly, and serve as the single source of truth for invoicing.

Flexible cloud billing solutions can help organizations get to market 50 percent faster, and first-to-market advantage can increase product line revenues by 176 percent over three years.

Why Billing Transformation Is a Must-Do

In order to compete in today's digital economy, organizations are faced with many challenges when it comes to billing. Our white paper explores the key trends driving the need for digital transformation and what challenges a legacy billing system can create.

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Billing Transformation

Introduction to Billing for Subscription Commerce

In our guide, we walk through the major capabilities your billing solution needs in order to be ready for subscription commerce.

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Optimize Billing Drive New Business Modules

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