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Digital Procurement Management

When you purchase cloud applications through an AppDirect Advisor, you’ll gain access to a platform to procure all your technology services for your organization, manage your SaaS applications, and secure your workforce.

Digitize procurement

Streamline procurement and spend management with a single location to find and buy all the technology services that power your business.

A digital marketplace at your fingertips

Bring an ecommerce experience to your procurement process with a self-service marketplace to find and buy all the technology your company needs.

Offering both an external and internal marketplace, you can deliver a seamless customer experience to your employees where they can discover your organization’s applications and request access as needed.

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Over 1,000 solutions to discover

Browse offerings from over 600 providers, discover and filter for applications of interest, and even compare products. Whether you’re looking for cloud software, infrastructure, connectivity, wireless/mobility, managed services, devices, or energy, AppDirect has a catalog that can grow with you as your needs change.

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Speed up the procurement process

Streamline labor-intensive procurement tasks associated with managing vendor relationships, negotiating pricing, and tracking countless contracts by leveraging a single catalog for your technology needs. That means you’ll only have one contract to sign, automatically benefiting from our established vendor relationships and latest discounts.


You’re in control of purchasing decisions with AppDirect’s Checkout: easily configure who can request or submit orders with role-based access control. Conveniently order all types of technology products and services yourself with AppDirect’s Checkout. Your cart is available wherever you’re signed in, on any browser, with any device. If you’re thinking it over, don’t worry - we’ll remind you about your order. If you need assistance, your advisor or technical support will be there to lend a hand. Once you’re ready to complete your purchase, you’ll have your choice of easy payment methods: credit card, banking (ACH), or cheque.

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Developer Portal

Seamlessly extend your existing management tools and systems. With access to modern APIs and developer tools, you’ll be able to integrate and automate the procurement and management of your technology products and services. AppDirect provides a convenient developer portal with documentation and guidance to minimize transition cost and effort.

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Manage SaaS Subscriptions and Spend

Consolidate application & subscription management and gain insights into your application usage to drive business decisions.

Manage invoices and stay on top of your Cloud Spend

Gain a better understanding of your SaaS spending with a clear view of all your invoices in one place. Save time associated with paying individual invoices from disparate vendor sources with a single location to update and pay invoices, directly on the platform.

Invoice management

Manage Subscriptions and Renewals

Take control of your subscriptions with a single location to view, manage and even update subscriptions for your organization. Save time associated with manual changes across vendor applications with a single place to upgrade, downgrade, cancel or renew your company’s subscriptions.

Manage apps

Understand SaaS Spend with Embedded Data Visualization

Gain a clear view of your application spend and usage across disparate apps. Make data-driven renewal decisions based on application usage, and easily identify underutilized applications to reduce IT costs.

Embedded data visualization

Instantly Provision Apps for your Company

Applications purchased through the marketplace will be instantly provisioned to your company, ready to be assigned to users. These applications will be showcased as tiles and accessible through a single access page to centralize user management and application access. Employees will also be able to see tiles that have been assigned to them.

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Streamline Payments

Update your payment information directly in the platform to be used for all subsequent purchases and recurring invoices, automatically. Securely manage and update your payment methods without needing to contact various sources. With all your payment history in one location, you'll gain a clear view of recent activity including successful and attempted payments.

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Workforce Identity and Data Management

Centralize and secure employee access across applications

Streamline Onboarding & Offboarding

Reduce IT costs with automated employee onboarding and offboarding flows.. User access can just as easily be disabled as needs change. In a few clicks, IT administrators can quickly provision accounts in all the applications an employee needs by assigning applications to users.

Make sure employees are set up on day one with all the applications they need, or assign new subscription licenses to an entire department, in a few seconds.

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Import Applications

The AppDirect platform is open and agnostic, allowing you to connect your account to cloud services purchased outside of the marketplace to centralize user management and application access. Imported applications will be available for automated user provisioning and single sign-on, as well as unified search & feeds.

Centralize and Secure Access with Single-Sign-On

Enhance efficiencies for IT and employees with single-sign-on across all required services, accessible directly from the platform. Enable your employees with central and secure access to all their cloud applications from a single location, at no extra cost to your organization. Eliminate the burden of costly and time-consuming password resets for your IT team, as well as the need for employees to remember multiple passwords.

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Multi-factor Authentication

Secure a remote workforce and protect against unauthorized account access with multi-factor authentication for all employees across your organization. Maintain the highest level of security with the use of one-time passcodes delivered to users via SMS or mobile authenticators such as Google Authenticator and Duo.

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Increase Employee Productivity

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    Unified Search

    Eliminate manual, time intensive searches for your employees with unified search across cloud applications.

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    Custom Notifications

    Help your team bring important information to the forefront and filter out the noise with customizable notifications

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    Shared Access Feeds

    Give employees a clear view of their day to day with custom feeds that can be shares across team, regardless of access to underlying data