Adaptive Invoicing

Adaptive invoicing is a set of capabilities that, when combined, enables organizations to quickly customize invoices for different sales use cases. For example, when a company sells a product through a digital marketplace, the invoice branding should reflect the merchant of record. If the company also decides to sell a product through a reseller network, the invoices need to be adapted to reflect the branding of each reseller.

With adaptive invoicing, companies can implement these changes without additional development work or other IT investment. Adaptive invoicing also allows companies to accelerate time to market for new products and channels.

Don't Let Legacy Invoicing Methods Block Your Ability to Succeed in the Digital Economy

In order to offer a compelling value proposition to customers, organizations need to be agile and adapt to constant change. With adaptive invoicing, it enables organizations to get invoices out on time, every time, with customized formats for specific use cases.

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