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An Advisor-First Capital Solution: US Network’s Growth with AppDirect

By Ideas @ AppDirect / January 16, 2024

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The landscape of entrepreneurial funding for advisors is witnessing a transformative change. CDPQ’s recent $100 million investment in the AppDirect Capital Invest program brings this into sharp focus. This influx is a game-changer, especially for advisors leveraging the fund to catalyze growth, start a new business, or scale operations.

Mark Venuto, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at US Network, explains that he believes the power of the AppDirect Capital Invest program is all about supporting an advisor's vision.

“I think the best feature about the AppDirect Capital Invest program is they're investing in your vision, not their vision. Their openness and willingness to work with you to help you advance that vision to the next level.” —Mark Venuto, US Network Chief Operating Officer

Understanding AppDirect Invest

What exactly is Invest? It's a flexible capital solution tailored for technology advisors. This program isn't just about providing funds—it’s a holistic approach that combines non-restrictive upfront capital with the vast opportunities of the AppDirect Marketplace. This unique blend empowers business owners to scale, innovate, retain talent, or make strategic outside investments while retaining 100% ownership.

In a recent TechCrunch article, Emanuel Bertolin, AppDirect Chief Revenue Officer explains the unique value of Invest.

“Our Invest program is purpose-built to empower our technology advisors. To keep up with today’s ever-changing market, technology merchants need fast access to capital to accelerate their growth.”x

He continues: 

“With AppDirect Capital, tech advisors can take advantage of innovative capital options to expand their business or invest in the future, which makes increasing access to this program all the more essential.” Emanuel Bertolin, AppDirect Chief Revenue Officer

Value of the Marketplace

The AppDirect Marketplace is a one-stop-shop destination to find, buy, and sell technology services. It includes access to AppDirect's industry-leading catalog, with products in every category, including network communication, natural gas, electricity, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS. Its unified interface also allows customers to easily access and manage business applications, licenses, subscriptions, and invoices. Additionally, advisors benefit from earning commissions on customer purchases.

Mark highlights the transformative effect of the Invest program and AppDirect Marketplace on US Network's expansion. He recounts how, through the Marketplace, a modest deal was skillfully escalated to a substantial $187,000 venture, with AppDirect directly enabling $160K of this contract.

“Then the light bulb went off of my head. I said, 'Why don't we train all the IT folks on the marketplace?' Once we did that, They turned around and started buying additional products and services unbeknownst to us."

Dive deeper into Invest

For more insights, read about the recent funding announcement from CDPQ. Visit our Invest page or blog for detailed information or connect with Jeremy Jones, Managing Director at AppDirect Capital and Head of Sales Operations, to explore how this program can elevate your business.