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Unlock Cloud Sales pt1 Blog

Customer & Partner Success

Unlock Cloud Sales: A Starter's 5-Step Guide - Part 1

Ready to kickstart your cloud and SaaS practice? Whether you're a new advisor or new to the field, our 5-step guide lays the foundation for proactive customer conversations and business growth. Start with steps 1,2,3 here.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / AppDirect / February 26, 2024

App Direct Capital Invest Blog

Customer & Partner Success

How 3 Entrepreneurs Are Innovating With AppDirect Capital Invest

Explore how three entrepreneurs are reshaping the tech industry with AppDirect Capital Invest. From maintaining 100% ownership to scaling operations and driving innovation, discover diverse paths to success.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / AppDirect / December 1, 2023

SFDC Integration Announcement Blog Header

Customer & Partner Success

Accelerate Sales with AppDirect’s New Native Salesforce Integration

We are excited to announce that AppDirect now offers a native integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / January 19, 2022

Microsoft New Commerce Experience blog header

Customer & Partner Success

Build Sustainable Revenue with Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience and AppDirect

Learn how AppDirect is making the Microsoft New Commerce Experience a seamless transition for partners and customers

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / October 22, 2021

AppDirect Partners with Google to Launch Google Workspace

Customer & Partner Success

AppDirect Partners with Google to Launch Google Workspace

Over the past few months, we've all watched as work has transformed in unprecedented ways. For many, our offices are now remote—and they're going to s...

By Rory Gallagher / AppDirect / October 13, 2020

Boosting Digital Marketplace Revenue with Search COVEO

Customer & Partner Success

Boosting Digital Marketplace Revenue with Search

In 2019, AppDirect and Coveo announced a partnership to bring the power of AI to subscription commerce. In this guest post, Andrea Polonioli, Product ...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / May 6, 2020