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App Direct Capital Invest Blog

Customer & Partner Success

How 3 Entrepreneurs Are Innovating With AppDirect Capital Invest

Explore how three entrepreneurs are reshaping the tech industry with AppDirect Capital Invest. From maintaining 100% ownership to scaling operations and driving innovation, discover diverse paths to success.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / AppDirect / December 1, 2023

AD Connectivity Practice Blog 2


How to Scale Your Connectivity Practice: An Advisor’s Guide

Curious about how to grow your connectivity business? Discover tips to boost connectivity sales, progress to selling SD-WAN, and more. Scale your connectivity practice today to become a full-stack technology advisor.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / AppDirect / August 9, 2023

AD Vodafone Blog

News & Updates

Fueling Advisor Growth: Vodafone Business Now in the AppDirect Catalog

AppDirect advisors can now offer Vodafone Business services, bridging multinational U.S. customers to their expansive global network backbone. Vodafone Business selected AppDirect to accelerate channel success, giving advisors access to international markets selling mobility, fixed and IoT connectivity

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / AppDirect / August 8, 2023

AD Events Spotlight Blog


Rev Up Your Sales Strategy: Mark Your Calendars for These Regional Events and the IoT Mobility Summit

AppDirect regional events—particularly AppDirect Enables—provide an insider's look into how you can unlock new revenue streams and reach your growth goals with AppDirect. Join us for these can't miss events scheduled for May - July, plus our IoT and Security Workshops are right around the corner.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / Advisors / May 17, 2023

AD Blog Jay Kaplan

Decoding Digital

Jay Kaplan Decodes the Cybersecurity Maze

Jay Kaplan is a technical security expert who built his resume rising through the ranks at the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. Today, he helps organizations protect their most sensitive data from cybercriminals. Learn strategies you can apply right now to stay proactive and thwart bad actors.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / AppDirect / April 25, 2023

AD Blog Series1 Blog 1

Strategy & Best Practices

Is Digital Transformation Dead? Here’s Why We Say No

Advisors—What does this mean for you? Watch the videos to best support customers in meeting their digital transformation goals.

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / Advisors / February 7, 2023