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Strategy & Best Practices

Strategy & Best Practices

Companies Are Ready to Spend Big on G Suite. These Best Practices Can Help You Win Their Business.

Late last year, Spiceworks released a study that shows organizations are getting ready to go on a technology spending spree. IT budgets are going up i...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / Feb 07, 2018

Strategy & Best Practices

Moving up the SMB Value Chain with a Winning Bundle Strategy

When it comes to creating attractive SaaS bundles for SMBs, many service providers haven’t yet cracked the code.

By Mary Montserrat-Howlett / AppHelp / Jul 28, 2017

Strategy & Best Practices

Driving SaaS Sales: Best Practices for Onboarding

Read more about onboarding best practices that can help you be successful.

By Christophe Girault / AppDirect / Jun 08, 2017

Strategy & Best Practices

Driving SaaS Sales: Assisted Sales and Self-Service

Learn about the fundamentals of assisted sales, as well as a user experience audit framework that can help optimize a self-service approach.

By Christophe Girault / AppDirect / Feb 08, 2017

Strategy & Best Practices

The Importance of First Impressions: Why Wowing Your Customers the First Time Pays Off in the Long Run

They say first impressions are the most lasting. Within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, they will have made a solid decision about your trustw...

By R. J. Stangle / AppHelp / Jan 18, 2017

Strategy & Best Practices

10 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

Excelling in customer support of any kind requires an entire toolkit of skills. Not only must service agents and technicians know the product inside o...

By Stephanie Petry / AppHelp / Dec 21, 2016