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Strategy & Best Practices

Building a Rich Partner Product Profile—Converting Browsers to Buyers

What does it take to evoke confidence in your integrated solutions? Shideh is back to review the elements that need to work together to convince your visitors to click the buy button.

By Shideh Rahmanian / AppDirect / May 03, 2022

Why a Website Wont Cut it Blog

Strategy & Best Practices

Why a Website Won’t Cut it For Your Partner Ecosystem

How you showcase your software ecosystem is important for driving customer engagement and satisfying your partners. Vera Barile shares why you need more than a website if you want to efficiently scale this important part of your business.

By Vera Barile / AppMarket / Mar 17, 2022

Are You Ready To Succeed With a Subscription Commerce Model

Strategy & Best Practices

Are You Ready To Succeed With a Subscription Commerce Model?

The road to recurring revenue and superior customer experience can be perilous. Nevertheless, facing this challenge is more than worth the effort. Ma...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / May 04, 2021

10 Strategies for How to Sell B2B SaaS

Strategy & Best Practices

How to Sell B2B SaaS: 10 Strategies for Success

Best practices for how to sell B2B SaaS effectively—especially in digital marketplaces—can be hard to come by, which is why we've collected 10 strategies that are being used by some of the world's most successful providers.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / Mar 18, 2021

Early Investment in Customer Experience text next to customer ratings

Strategy & Best Practices

Early Investment in Customer Experience: Your Key to Success

An AppDirect Add-On Store partner, Spiria provides customer-centric strategies, data-driven design, and value-led software development to build digita...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / Jan 25, 2021

B2B subscription commerce and providing resilience in turbulent times

Strategy & Best Practices

B2B Subscription Commerce: Providing Resilience in Turbulent Times

The global economy continues to face unprecedented uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, subscription commerce has emerged as one...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / Dec 11, 2020