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Non-dilutive capital and the expertise to help you grow

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Fuel your growth

With our unique capital solution you get non-restrictive capital combined with expert support and the power of the AppDirect Marketplace, a single platform for finding, selling, and managing technology.

  • Non D Cap Auto Pay Complex

    Non-dilutive capital

    Unlock capital to grow; you maintain 100% business ownership.

  • Upfront Cap currency hand Complex

    Upfront day-one payment

    Flexible capital that’s available on day-one, in an upfront payment with ongoing commissions.

  • Parter Cap Person Add Complex

    Partner for growth

    Our account management, engineering, and back office teams help grow your business with your existing customers, so your commissions continue to grow.

  • Maximize Cap Stats Complex

    Maximize your proceeds

    Our experience and tax-friendly structure make our process simple. Typical transactions occur without a broker, and close quickly, which means maximized proceeds for you.


“Since AppDirect Invest, we jumped 50% in a single year in profit. Think about that; not 50% in revenue, but 50% in profit. Those kinds of numbers are phenomenal.”

- Dave Wallace, President of NXTSYS & AppDirect Capital Partner since 2021
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Uncomplicated capital

“I think the best feature about the AppDirect Capital program is they're investing in your vision, not their vision. Their openness and willingness to work with you to help you advance that vision to the next level.”

—Mark Venuto, CO-Founder US Network & AppDirect Capital Partner since 2020

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One card, instant cashflow

Offer a branded purchase card to your team or resellers

Streamline the flow of cash in and out of your own business by purchasing against your expected monthly recurring revenue sold through your marketplace, or expand your relationship with your resellers by allowing them to do the same.

  • Convert Cap coin Complex

    Convert recurring revenue into cash flow

    AppCapital Card, powered by Stripe, gives you instant access to cash without the cost and credit score impact of a traditional business credit card.

  • Get Cap Currency Complex

    Get help with your immediate needs

    With spending limits equal to your expected upcoming commission, you can use our purchase card to cover short-term needs for cash to cover any business expenses. You gain working capital whenever it’s needed.

  • Simplify Cap Sign Up for Newsletter Complex

    Simplify the application process

    Apply online for an AppCapital Card purchase card using our simple application. Faster and more flexible than applying for a credit card or a line of credit, there’s no impact on your credit score, and the process is easy and convenient.

  • Auto Cap Sales Guide Complex

    Automatically pay off each month

    It’s easy to manage AppCapital Card usage with our automatic payment plan. Each month, payments on the card are processed automatically from recurring commissions.

An example of the AppCapital Card

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