NXTSYS Consolidates Equity and Seizes Next-Gen Technology Opportunities With AppDirect Invest

A capital solution that allows you to maintain full ownership of your business

Have you been approached to sell your business recently? Chances are yes and most likely more than once. Like many, David Wallace and his business partner, Jared Adamcik, VP of sales, received a lot of interest from investors, competitors and others to sell. Instead, they found a capital solution that better fit their business goals and that would quickly drive growth.

Read the case study to learn how NXTSYS leverages AppDirect team of experts to experience:

  • 50% sales growth without additional headcount
  • Offloaded critical back-office tasks like quoting, order management, and commission processing
  • More time for one-on-one interactions with agents

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“For the last five years, we've grown consistently between 22% to 30% year over year. Since AppDirect Invest, we jumped 50% in a single year in profit. Think about that; not 50% in revenue, but 50% in profit. Those kinds of numbers are phenomenal.”

- Dave Wallace, Co-founder and President, NXTSYS
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