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AppDirect Business Continuity

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An Update on AppDirect’s Response to Coronavirus COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to spread and impact people around the world, the gravity of the situation we face as a global community...

By Nicolas Desmarais / AppDirect / Mar 23, 2020

Appdirect Addresses Phishing

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AppDirect's Response to Coronavirus COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the globe, our thoughts are with those that have been affected. In challengin...

By Dan Saks & Nicolas Desmarais / AppDirect / Mar 12, 2020

G2 appdirect guest blog

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AppDirect Partners with G2 to Offer G2 Ratings and Reviews Through the Add-On Store

Last week at AppDirect's annual Engage summit, we announced a new partnership with G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can disco...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / Sep 25, 2019

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AppDirect and the Payment Services Directive 2 Regulation

A major new regulation—Payment Services Directive 2, or PSD2 for short—is about to go into effect in Europe. As with any new regulation, PSD2 is creat...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / Aug 21, 2019

Coveo appdirect blog post

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AppDirect and Coveo Team Up to Bring AI to Subscription Commerce

This year, global spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is forecast to hit $210 billion, almost 24 percent higher than the 2018 total. ...

By Gretchen Dukowitz / AppMarket / Jun 26, 2019

Digital Heroes 2019 Blog

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Calling the 2019 Class of Digital Heroes

Today, the vast majority of companies are in the process of digital transformation. The vast majority will also fail...

By Dan Saks / AppDirect / May 24, 2019