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News & Updates

AppDirect Addresses Job Site Phishing Scam

We recently learned that an individual has been impersonating members of the AppDirect Human Resources, Recruiting, and Sales teams in a phishing scam...

By AppDirect Recruiting Team / AppDirect / Nov 10, 2017

News & Updates

Google Partnership, Platform Updates Take Center Stage at Engage

When AppDirect was founded in 2009, our mission was clear: to help businesses find, buy, and use the technology tools they need to be successful. We d...

By Daniel Saks / AppMarket / Sep 26, 2017

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10 Key Takeaways from the Vodafone IoT Barometer 2016 Report

Terry Hughes Head of Sales at AppDirect's IoT and Connected Car division, analyzes the annual IoT Barometer Report from Vodafone and outlines the Top ...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Oct 25, 2016

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AppDirect Unifies Cloud Service Commerce Platform Featuring AppCarousel IoT at Engage Event

AppDirect on recently announced a more unified and expanded cloud service platform that includes new capabilities in areas such as Internet of Things ...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Sep 27, 2016

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The Cloud Reseller’s Guide to Office 365 & G Suite

Change is occurring at a phenomenal pace in the telecommunications industry.  While revenue from core services such as voice, messaging and data slows...

By R. J. Stangle / AppHelp / Aug 22, 2016

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Rich previews for Dropbox

Multi-tasking has huge and tangible costs.   Studies show multitaskers: Experience a 40% drop in productivity.Take 50% longer to accomplish a single t...

By AppWise / AppWise / Aug 16, 2016