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By Ideas @ AppDirect / April 30, 2024

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We’re excited to share that we’ve launched the AppDirect AI Marketplace & Creative Studio—an AI platform that simplifies and accelerates your path to harnessing the full power of generative AI. Whether you're using generative AI to enhance key areas of your business, or you're just exploring its potential, AppDirect AI is unique in enabling you to create fit-for-purpose AI apps in just minutes, using your own proprietary data sources. You remain in full control of your AI apps and how they're used.

Democratizing AI for business

AppDirect AI is a simple, powerful, and secure marketplace and creation studio that accelerates your ability to create, adopt, and benefit from generative AI apps, allowing you to create an app within minutes without having to know or use any code. What sets the AppDirect AI apart is our technology-agnostic approach that enables your AI solutions to adapt to any underlying technology. You control every aspect of the AIs you create—including the LLM model and the data sources that your AIs use. And it's all housed in a fully secure environment that guarantees the privacy of your data.

"We're democratizing the AI space,” said Peush Patel, VP of Product Management at AppDirect. “Creating Gen AI apps is quick and simple, so whether you’re new to AI or a seasoned developer, you can get an AI app up and running within minutes without any prior experience with coding or app development.”

Enterprise-grade security and privacy for your AI apps

Guarding data privacy is more important than ever. That's why AppDirect AI provides a secure, enterprise-grade environment for every AI app, whether you’re an individual or a large business.

Your rich data sets are stored on private servers and won’t be used to train the LLMs or accessed by anyone but you. Questions and queries you post to LLMs will also be private unless you select a model that doesn’t support private deployment (you would be notified).

"Data privacy is in the DNA of AppDirect AI," emphasized Peush Patel. "We want businesses to explore the power of AI without having to worry about data privacy. With our enterprise-grade environment, your data is secure, and your AI is truly yours."

What sets AppDirect AI app creation apart

The AppDirect AI Creation Studio has many features that differentiate it from other AIs.

  • Your choice of LLM—Creators can choose their own Large Language Model (LLM) for every generative AI app they create. This means you're not limited to a single LLM provider, and you have the flexibility to choose the best LLM for your specific application needs. Learn more  in our blog article A Framework for Choosing the Right LLM

  • More built-in choices to define your app’s data sources—Advanced data ingestion options means you can train your AI on a wide variety of data sources, including files, drive folders, and websites. And you can keep your AI up to date at all times with scheduled automated data updates.

  • The ability to optimize your app’s personality—Customize your AI app to speak with users in an appropriate language style for the task.

  • Relevant results every time through built-in RAG—If you create an AI App and add data sources, AppDirect incorporates retrieval augmented generation (RAG) capabilities to ensure its responses are accurate and relevant based on the augmented data.

Unlimited use cases for every business type

One of the many strengths of AppDirect AI is its versatility. "AI has the power to transform every aspect of business operations," said Peush Patel. "From HR to marketing to sales, our AI can be tailored to fit specific needs, helping businesses automate tasks, analyze data, and even predict trends. The possibilities are limitless."

Here are a few examples across departments:

HR—Create a better employee experience with automated onboarding, better employee engagement analysis, and 24/7 access to HR support.

Marketing—Reach the right audience with the right message. Get in-depth persona insights, personalize content for campaigns for your target audience, and create better, more consistent content that adheres to your brand content guidelines.

Sales—Sell faster with access to up-to-date product & pricing information, streamlined sales support, and assistance with tailored customer communications.

Legal—Make routine tasks more efficient. Quickly access jurisdiction-specific information or get help from your AI with risk assessments.

Explore the AppDirect AI Marketplace

After you sign up you can browse the AI Marketplace and start using out-of-the-box AI apps in a wide range of categories, from sales and HR to marketing. These fit-for-purpose AIs can help you solve business problems and facilitate everyday tasks, enabling you to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Looking for a custom solution?

For companies looking to build AI-driven solutions that solve complex business problems, AppDirect has partnered with IVADO Labs, a leading AI solution provider with a mission to take advanced AI technologies out of the lab and apply them in the real world. For companies ready to build a fully custom, enterprise-ready AI solution, IVADO Labs provides professional services to help develop your vision, strategy, and implementation.

Unlock productivity and innovation

With our unique blend of no-code app creation, a rock-solid data privacy and protection guarantee, and advanced data ingestion options, you can dive into AI without worrying about the typical risks.

We offer both free and paid plans based on data usage. Check out our pricing plans.

Get started building your AI!

Are you ready to begin your AI journey? Start creating your AI apps with AppDirect AI today!