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Technology Insights

10 Ways AppDirect.AI Enhances Advisor Efficiency

Unlock advisor efficiency with AppDirect.AI: Elevate collaboration, tap into specialized capabilities, and craft custom AI bots. Explore the AppDirect AI Marketplace and discover how to create AI that learns from your own data sets.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / November 22, 2023

AD Chaos Engineering Blog

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Is Predictability Overrated? The Case for a ‘Chaos Engineering’ Game Day

From chaos comes order: Check out the surprising benefits of our ‘chaos engineering’ game day. Plus, tips for you applying them to your organization.

By Juan Ramollino / AppDirect / April 13, 2023

AD Quality Blog 1

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6 Ways Quality Drives Product Development at AppDirect

Discover the cross-company culture and processes that ensure AppDirect SaaS products meet the highest quality standards available—including a quality-driven software development lifecycle and continuous development and deployment.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / November 30, 2022

AD Kafka Blog

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7 steps to replacing a message broker in a distributed system

What do you do when you need to improve overall throughput and performance of your platform?

By Abid Khan / AppDirect / November 22, 2022

Customer Search Experience Blog

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Don’t Let Microservice Data Segregation Mess With Your Customers’ Search Experience

Is your software system built on a monolithic or microservice architecture? If it’s the latter, how do you solve the problem of joining data from multiple services while running search queries?

By Adam Demjen / AppDirect / April 1, 2022

Service Mesh: How to Manage Common Functionalities in a Microservice Architecture

Technology Insights

Service Mesh: How to Manage Common Functionalities in a Microservice Architecture

Each microservice we build requires some component to be built apart from its core functionalities. As said, each service should have authentication &...

By Abid Khan / AppDirect / April 7, 2021