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Technology Insights

Technology Insights

Introducing Dashboard Folders!

We’re very excited to launch Dashboard Folders, a feature that will make navigating between and managing multiple dashboards easier. As more and more ...

By Kally Pan / AppInsights / Apr 21, 2017

Technology Insights

Add Flexibility to Data Visualizations with Widget Options

Beautiful data visualizations grab the eye and focus attention on a specific characteristic of a data set, but small things like axis labels, units, a...

By Kally Pan / AppInsights / Sep 23, 2016

Technology Insights

Solving the JavaScript SEO Conundrum: Part One

Hear from one of AppDirect's senior web developers on how to make JavaScript-driven sites more web crawler friendly.

By Dmitry Torba / AppDirect / Feb 25, 2013

Technology Insights

AppDirect Implements Integration Changes to Maximize Your App’s Reach

We've recently partnered with some exciting new high-profile companies to build their cloud services marketplaces. This means we will be extending our...

By Christophe Levesque / AppDirect / Feb 09, 2012

Technology Insights

How to initiate automation testing using Selenium IDE

The agile software methodology demands speedy testing and in the case of weekly or bi-weekly releases, it becomes extremely cumbersome to go through y...

By Sneha Agnihotri / AppDirect / Dec 13, 2011

Technology Insights

Software Localization for Growing Business

Tapping into international customer bases is easier than ever before, and possible for even the smallest of internet companies.

By Julian Jennings-White / AppDirect / Oct 11, 2011