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Sell any product, through any channel, on any device—as a service. Find out how companies like ABB, Comcast, Sage, Keller Williams, ADP, and Deutsche Telekom are doing it.

AppDirect can help you grow faster with recurring revenue

The Keys to Subscription Commerce Success

  • 1. Deliver an exceptional customer experience by offering a simple interface for purchasing, provisioning, fulfillment, and account management.

  • 2. Support product adoption and usage to lock in customer value, create stickiness, and drive long-term customer relationships.

  • 3. Build an ecosystem of complementary products and services and provide upgrade opportunities for continued account growth.

A Guide to Subscription Commerce

Subscription commerce can deliver predictable, recurring revenue for a range of products.

Learn how to succeed in this rapidly evolving sector.

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Only about a third of companies feel completely prepared to launch new digital offerings

Companies are stepping up to meet the skyrocketing demand for subscription products. However, an upcoming survey by AppDirect, reveals that just 37% of organizations feel completely prepared to launch a new digital offering. Some of the main concerns include:

  • The complexity of scaling a recurring revenue model
  • Legacy technology and making the right investments to drive digital transformation
  • Sustaining the rate of digital transformation

Companies Growing with AppDirect

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Getting Started

If you’re looking to launch your first subscription offering or streamline your existing operations, selecting an open, agnostic, extensible subscription commerce platform to power your business is critical.

AppDirect makes it easy for your customers to find, buy, and use any digital recurring service, and it offers built-in tools for you to support complex business processes, grow your ecosystem, and manage your customer and reseller relationships.

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Select an open, agnostic, extensible subscription commerce platform to power your business

Vodafone Business

"We rely on AppDirect to help in our journey, we don't treat them as a vendor. They are a strategic partner."

- Stewart Hawker, SME Product Management
Stewart Hawker from Vodafone on working with AppDirect


Success Takes More than Technology

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Ready to launch and grow your cloud commerce strategy? Even under ideal circumstances, digital projects face an uphill battle—in fact, 80 percent will fail. It doesn't have to be this way. We understand success depends on achieving key business outcomes, such as:

  • Expanding the size of your market
  • Getting new products to market faster
  • Opening new revenue streams

AppDirect can help you achieve your goals faster, with less risk, and greater ROI.