E-book: Subscription Commerce 101

A Quick Guide for B2B Executives

Subscription commerce can deliver predictable, recurring revenue for a range of products, but the complexity of selling subscriptions for B2B solutions can overwhelm even the most tech-savvy company. Learn more about how to succeed in this rapidly evolving sector.

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Key Discussion Areas

The “Subscription Commerce 101” e-book gives a complete overview of B2B subscription commerce, including how it differs from consumer subscriptions and the benefits it can deliver to sellers and buyers. The e-book also covers:

  • 1. Why a subscription billing solution alone isn’t enough for successful subscription commerce

  • 2. The unique challenges that B2B subscription commerce presents and how to overcome them

  • 3. The importance of subscription commerce-powered ecosystems and the benefits they deliver

The IMARC Group predicts that the global “anything as a service“ subscription market will grow to $344.3B by 2024, reaching a CAGR of 24 percent.

Subscription Commerce 101