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Rogers' Offers Business Customers Easy Access to the Tools They Need

Leveraging SSO and migration services, Rogers has delivered a seamless customer experience.


Rogers Communications' Business Solutions segment provides network connectivity through its fiber network and data center assets to support a range of voice, data, networking, hosting, and cloud-based services for the enterprise, public sector, and small business markets.

With the goals of driving additional revenue and improving the customer experience, Rogers sought to offer complementary services to its small business customers that could easily be found, purchased, and managed online. What's more, Rogers wanted to ensure that their customers could receive just one billing statement and access all of their applications with a single user ID and password.

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In September of 2016, the Rogers Business App Market was launched leveraging the AppDirect platform. The new SaaS marketplace gave Rogers small business customers the ability to find, purchase, and manage the cloud services they needed, including Office 365 and G-Suite.

The best-in-class user experience is supported by billing and Single-Sign-On integrations that allow customers to pay for marketplace purchases on the same bill as their other Rogers services, and to access all of their cloud services with one set of credentials.


It was important to Rogers that their existing customers could access their applications with ease, so they leveraged AppDirect's team to assist with the migration of those software licenses.

Matthew Leppanen, Director of Product for Rogers Communications, said, "Working with the AppDirect team we were able to seamlessly migrate all of those customers and their licenses over to our our new marketplace and really not impact the customer experience at any one step of that journey. It was seamless to the customer and for our operations team it was really low touch."

Rogers has also seen substantial reductions in both time-to-market and associated costs when onboarding a new application to offer to their business customers.

Customer Quote

"What we've been able to benefit from is a significant reduction in time to market, and an almost pure elimination of cost in bringing out new products."

Matthew Leppanen, Director of Product

How CSPs are Working with AppDirect

  • Expand B2B Base with Cloud Services

    Differentiate and stimulate the usage of core products by attaching cloud solutions.


  • Modernize Billing Engine

    Launch innovative new products without being held back by your legacy systems.


  • Improve Margins and Customer Experience 

    Automate processes to simplify provisioning, billing, and end-user management.

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