Launch a Digital Marketplace for Manufacturing


Launch a Digital Marketplace

Software and services are now a critical offering of every manufacturer. AppDirect provides digital marketplaces designed for manufacturers to unify their digital products on one comprehensive platform.

Are you lacking a consolidated digital experience?

With the proliferation of connectivity, every OEM is realizing they are no longer just hardware manufacturers, but digital solution providers as well. While many have created digital products and services alongside their hardware, many are experiencing business failure due to siloed and restrictive marketplaces, and unintuitive customer experiences.

Manufacturers Need Consolidated Digital Experiences

Create a manufacturing 4.0 ecosystem on one platform

Foster an ecosystem of software, digital assets, and services around your hardware. AppDirect is a proven, secure SaaS marketplace platform that gives you a direct connection with your customers and the power to centralize and offer new products, services, and bundles while improving your digital service with user analytics.

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Proven Platform for Manufacturing 4.0
Build vs Buy Digital Marketplace


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All the capabilities you need

  • Digital Marketplaces

    SaaS Marketplace Product Management

    Network Catalog - Choose from over 270 applications to resell from your SaaS marketplace.

    Product Customization and Bundling - Customize product profile content and bundle with core services or third-party products.

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  • End to End Solution

    Identity and Access Management

    Single Sign-On - Easy access to all services and digital products with single sign-on capabilities.

    MDM Integration - Utilize mobile device management and on device sales automation functionality to easily add or remove devices, users, services and applications from devices.

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  • Analytics Abilities

    Data Analytics and Reporting

    Real-time Dashboards - View reports outlining marketplace performance including products sold.

    Custom Reporting and Auditing - Access a multitude of standard weekly and monthly reports and monitor logs of marketplace operations.

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Manufacturers elevating their business with AppDirect

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Unlock new digital experiences for your customers and foster new revenue streams.