Build vs Buy: Making the Right Choice for Your Manufacturing IoT Platform

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Today’s manufacturers are facing a critical decision around digital technology. Not whether to embrace it or not, but rather if they should build a solution to power their digital business or work with a partner to provide the platform technology. In this eBook, learn the critical topics every manufacturer and enterprise electronics company should review before answering this essential question.

Excerpt from Build vs Buy eBook

With the increasing risk of disruption, digital transformation is now an imperative for manufacturing companies that want to stay competitive and succeed. But which strategy is the right one?

For many manufacturers, a promising path to effective digital transformation is emerging: offering connected devices that can provide data-driven benefits, such as predictive maintenance, combined with an ecosystem of cloud-based software that can be bundled and sold together.

These initiatives can only succeed if they are supported by strong technology that can seamlessly monetize, distribute, and manage devices and software. With this in mind, the question then becomes: What’s the fastest, lowest risk, most cost-effective way to launch an IoT platform? This is where the build versus buy question becomes all-important.