Jaguar Land Rover

Delivering a World-Class In-Car Technology Experience

JLR can easily onboard providers to offer localized apps directly to vehicles over-the-air.


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is one of the most respected, well-known luxury car makers in the world. As such, JLR customers have come to expect the highest quality driving experience—and the company’s in-car technology is no exception.

As Peter Virk, Director of Connected and Future Technology at JLR, explains: "People buy our vehicles because of the way they look, but then they spend a lot of time inside the car. We realized that we needed to translate our iconic brand experience to the in-car digital space."

Customer Challenge


For JLR, creating a world-class in-car digital experience means delivering and updating apps, live information, and entertainment feeds directly to vehicles over-the-air. To create a secure yet flexible cloud platform that could do this and more, the company selected AppDirect.

With AppDirect's easy onboarding, JLR also has the ability to add new content providers and deliver localized content. "We sell vehicles around the world, so providing a suite of apps from the right vendors in North America, Europe, China, and beyond is critical," says Virk.


Today, JLR not only offers a leading in-car infotainment experience, but it is also creating an open ecosystem of apps that is driving innovation. "We are very passionate about being the first, driving innovation, and changing the marketplace," Virk says. "We always want to deliver what our customers want, but we also need to give them surprise and delight."

Customer Quote

"By having an open platform, we can integrate different services from different content providers and drive innovation that hasn't been done before."

Peter Virk, Director of Connected and Future Technology, JLR

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