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Powering the digital transformation for today’s connected devices, hardware, and vehicles.

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AppDevices, the manufacturing division of AppDirect, is the leader in the delivery, management, and monetization of apps and services for industrial manufactures, enterprise electronics, and automotive OEMs. 

AppDevices provides a secure, proven cloud platform enabling industrial manufacturers and enterprises to build agile businesses around value-added software and services. It provides manufacturers with the tools to easily manage complex software licensing, entitlements, and provisioning between people and their devices. It comes with the complete billing and merchandising suite needed to empower customers to discover, use, manage, and buy features, apps, and services. OEMs and device manufacturers can rely on AppDirect to easily distribute and flexibly bill for any digital products and services, quickly iterating on their business models with a platform that handles millions of transactions daily.

"Since initial launch in 2014 to recent upgrades and enhancements improving discovery, categorization and analytics, AppDirect has been with us every step of the way as our platform grows."

- Rob Xenos, Business & Marketing Manager

Revenue Generation

AppDevices monetization capabilities enables devices and hardware manufacturers to distribute and sell all types of digital goods to their customers and their devices, while creating a vibrant ecosystem around their products.  Utilizing AppDevices monetization suite, partners can eliminate the manual processes for onboarding, provisioning, billing, reconciliation, and reseller management and start defining new revenue streams from their digital products and partners.

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IoT Deployments

AppDevices modularized IoT management platform comes preconfigured with a range of flexible connectivity modules, apps, and software management services critical for businesses integrating with the Internet of Things. The platform gives organizations complete control of their ecosystem, taking away the complexity of software distribution, digital asset management, device security, and billing for the lifetime of their users and devices.

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App and Device Management

The AppDevices IoT platform comes with a suite of app and software management tools enabling organizations to securely distribute, update, manage, and monetize digital assets across their users, devices, and vehicles. From a small app showcase to an advanced marketplace with an integrated reseller network and powerful merchandising and monetization capabilities, AppDevices has the expertise to successfully bring your digital ecosystem to market. 

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