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Advance your IoT strategy by selling services that complement your connected products, directly on-device.

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Sell Solutions for Connected Devices

Sell, provision, and manage digital services on any device, from in-car entertainment systems to industrial equipment, all from a single platform.

Sell any digital product

Sell software and services—including SaaS, downloadables, hardware features, and any other type of digital product—for connected devices. From products with simple one-time charges to metered usage products, our billing engine supports thousands of pricing model permutations.

Provide an on-device marketplace

Meet your customers where they are and maximize upsell opportunities with a native app version of your marketplace that can be accessed directly from the connected device. Offer a single point of contact where customers can buy and launch additional services.

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Enable third-party solutions

Build an ecosystem around your connected products. The underlying AppMarket technology makes it easy for developers to integrate and monetize complementary software and services in your marketplace.

Reach multiple platforms

Use a single marketplace to reach multiple platforms. The agnostic AppDevices architecture allows you to build and sell solutions for any platform your organization supports, including by operating system, device type, and more.

Optimize the Device Experience

Manage the inherent complexity of embedded software with advanced provisioning and version management tools.

Automated provisioning

AppDevices provisions services on demand, providing customers with immediate access as soon as they buy or are assigned a service. Automatic entitlements push applications to devices through over-the-air deployments for fast adoption.

Configurable compatibility rules

The AppDevices compatibility engine allows for flexible compatibility definitions based on attributes and properties for both devices and software. The compatibility engine orchestrates rule prioritization and logic so the right software is deployed to the right device.

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Version management tools

Selling software for devices means offering concurrent versions. Allow multiple versions of software to exist in development and production environments, with built-in workflows to streamline submission and approval processes for administrators.

Push distributions

Take the friction out of software updates to deliver a seamless customer experience. Simplify application lifecycle management and cascade new feature releases quickly by automatically deploying the latest version with no user intervention required.

Simplify Device Management

Automate back office functions to simplify device management and reduce your cost of operations.

Device enrollment

Rapidly enroll devices through CSV uploads or programmatically through API sync. The device database allows you to securely add, view, and remove devices from your ecosystem so that only authorized devices are able to access your platform.

Device assignment

Manage assignments in real time. Simply click to assign devices to platforms and users. Applications automatically appear to users once they sign in to their devices and each device can reflect multiple user assignments.

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Device management interface

Use our open APIs to integrate AppDevices with your existing device management system to help drive efficiencies as your ecosystem and monetization strategies become more complex.

Device agents

Reduce maintenance hassles with the AppDevices software agent, which manages the client-side downloading, installation, updating, and removal of on-device packages. We maintain all client-side code, including regular updates and support for all device agents.

Optimize the User Experience

Deliver a seamless end-user experience, from browsing and buying to smart updates.

Smart updates

Make post-upgrade issues a thing of the past. With our advanced compatibility engine, only the most recent and compatible version of software is deployed to devices, giving users a consistently reliable experience every time they access their services.

Push Promotions

Auto-deploy applications to all users to drive awareness and adoption. Deliver the mission-critical, device-specific apps they need to use your physical products, or simply promote certain applications by virtually preloading them.

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Simplify group purchasing and provisioning

Consolidate purchase and deployment across groups of users. Allow administrative users to browse and buy on behalf of others through a browser-based version of your marketplace for an easy bulk purchase experience.

Extend your brand

Maintain your relationship with customers by making your marketplace an extension of your brand. Easily customize the branding and layout of your marketplace through a variety of configurable options and developer tools.

“The Cleverstore has positively influenced our device sales. It provides added value that encourages the purchase of the Clevertouch solution over our competitors. It has also driven our top competitors, larger companies that have been in the interactive market longer, to copy us.“

- Shaun Marklew, Sales & Marketing Director
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Learn more about AppDevices by speaking to an expert.