Provision & Sell Digital Services on Devices IoT


Provision & Sell Digital Services on Devices (IoT)

The software supporting today’s connected devices requires complex distribution and IoT device management. AppDirect empowers manufacturers to manage their digital offerings across their entire device lineup.

Challenged with software and device management?

Connected devices and hardware have unlocked a world of new digital products and services for manufacturers to offer their customers. With massive product portfolios, differing operating systems, and technical capabilities across devices, the distribution of relevant products, services, and updates to customers is difficult and costly.

Device and Software Management Challenge

Simplify the delivery of new and evolving digital experiences

AppDirect allows you to get to market quickly and efficiently with a powerful marketplace platform that enables the delivery, management, and updating of new digital products and services to connected devices and hardware. You can provision and remove apps, services, and users to and from devices while managing the lifecycle of apps and services for your customers.

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Simplify Delivery of New Evolving Digital Experiences
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All the capabilities you need

  • Digital Marketplaces

    Digital Product Distribution

    Deliver new products, services, and software to connected devices and hardware seamlessly, with correct versions and formats for each model.

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  • Tools and Services

    Digital Product Management

    Seamlessly update, remove, and provision any type of digital product or service with zero downtime or user action required.

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  • Analytics Abilities

    Digital Product Provisioning

    Assign and remove applications, licenses, services, and user group-based assignments from connected devices and hardware.

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Manufacturers elevating their business with AppDirect

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