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Offer support for the digital services you sell, directly from your marketplace.

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Customers who are succeeding with AppHelp

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Tap into AppHelp’s broad catalog of support solutions for digital services and devices.

Solutions that span the life cycle

Customers have different support needs at different stages of their digital journey. Become the trusted advisor to your customers with training solutions to help them adopt new services, or help them maximize their solutions with ongoing support.

AppHelp Life Cycle Solutions

Customers who are succeeding with AppHelp

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Productivity solutions

Offload your productivity support operations so you can focus on your core business for digital transformation. AppHelp offers a variety of migration, onboarding, and ongoing support solutions to help you meet and exceed requirements for both Microsoft and Google’s Cloud Partner Programs.

IT HelpDesk

Help your SMB customers save on on-site IT costs with a comprehensive Help Desk solution. Diagnose and troubleshoot issues from cloud applications to networking devices, computers, and more.

Solutions for IoT

Power the smart revolution for your business customers by offering holistic IoT solutions consisting of smart and connected devices, apps, and support. AppHelp offers remote support for security products, access control, A/V equipment, and more.

Vertical-specific solutions

Offering more specialized cloud solutions? Support your customers with admin-level training to install and onboard their vertical solutions around POS, field service, accounting, and more.

Consumer premium technical support

Offer your consumer segment a one-stop shop for residential connectivity, devices, security, and smart home support.

Flexible Go-to-Market

AppHelp offers the go-to-market flexibility and enablement you need to deliver support to your customers.

Branding and customer experience options

Choose from different options based on your time-to-market and customer experience objectives. With White Labeled support, have maximum flexibility in customizing your program or use AppHelp Branded to deliver a premium experience but with the fastest time-to-market.

Merchandising options

Leverage the underlying AppMarket functionality to package your support services based on your business objectives. Choose to monetize offerings, discount them entirely, sell them as standalone offerings, or bundle them in with other services to extend comprehensive solutions to your customers.

Customers who are succeeding with AppHelp

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Embedded support

AppHelp is integrated into your marketplace to deliver a unified support experience. Customers can access support alongside their other applications from the MyApps page.

AppHelp Embedded Support

The team behind your team

Our Channel Enablement organization empowers your sales team to sell the value-added support solutions that wrap around your specific digital services. Receive extensive training on the features and benefits of each solution and how customers can benefit most by purchasing your services, with support.

Premier Customer Experience

Treat your customers like VIPs while building a revenue-generating support business.

Omni-channel support

Offer support where your customers need it—through chat, via email, or over the phone. Deliver the omni-channel support experience your customers expect, no matter where they access their services.

AppHelp Omni Channel Support

The right agent for the right call

Each AppHelp agent specializes in a specific solution in order to deliver the best possible experience. For each solution, only agents with the right combination of soft skills and technical knowledge are selected to deliver support.

Optimized for remote support

AppHelp agents have access to remote takeover capabilities to solve technical issues from anywhere. Combined with automation tools, they are equipped to identify and resolve the root cause of your customers’ problem in no time.

AppHelp Consolidated Agent Knowledge Bases

Customers who are succeeding with AppHelp

Speak to an expert.

Consolidated agent knowledge bases

AppHelp agents have access to knowledge bases combining our own proprietary research and content from third-party vendors so customers get the right answer the first time.

Certified SMEs

AppHelp agents are backed by the knowledge of certified subject matter experts in Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other cloud applications.

Comcast Business

"AppHelp is an innovator in cloud support services and we knew it would be critical to find a provider with the deep integration, service expertise, and proven processes to deliver premium services... these are a significant contributor to margin and revenue for our SaaS business. We are now selling AppHelp premium services with a significant percent of the Office 365 licenses we sell."

- James Mumma, Executive Director
James Mumma of Comcast Business

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