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Exclusive preview: Decoding Digital season 2

By Dan Saks / November 15, 2022


Navigating change, innovation, and personal transformation. That's how I'd characterize season two of AppDirect's exclusive podcast, Decoding Digital. I'm thrilled to share that we're releasing the first episode of the new season, and I'm incredibly excited to reveal a sneak preview here.

In the second season of "Decoding Digital," we capture the essence and energy around transformation. Viewers told us that with so many factors out of our control right now— geopolitical tension, the economy, inflation, interest rates—they want even more access to real-life stories on navigating change. Season two is so special to me because guests are incredibly candid; they don't hold back in recounting how their triumphs— and often even bigger challenges—have shaped them. 

PreviewA former high school chess champion, our desire for human connection & Vincent Chase

In our first two episodes of season two we talk with innovators like former chess champion and current entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale and the highly-successful CEO of Pendo Todd Olson. In early 2023, we'll also release a special episode where we talk with renowned actor, producer, and director Adrian Grenier. Adrian has starred in films like The Devil Wears Prada and in the hit series Entourage where his iconic character Vincent Chase captivated audiences. More on those episodes to come… 

What is Decoding Digital? 

Before I jump into a season two preview, for those that don't know, "Decoding Digital" is a podcast where we identify inspirational leaders. These individuals have had transformational impacts on their companies, industries, and communities.

I've been fascinated over the years by what drives successful digital transformation. Part of that initiative was our Digital Hero Mindset report, released in 2021, supported by a Boston University professor, Dr. Gerald C. Kane.

We’ve learned through the research that technology alone is not enough for transformation. Digital transformation is really about the people. We also uncovered the primary characteristics of innovators—vision, curiosity, passion, and tenacity. Another secret insight is that, remarkably, individuals can learn these traits with practice and perseverance.

The genesis of the podcast is simple: through conversation and exploration, we want to inspire and teach others how to innovate. In each episode of "Decoding Digital" we hear from leaders and we try to decode a specific topic to provide tangible actions viewers can apply in their lives. 

Doubling down on navigating change

In season two, we talk to several leaders who have seen multiple cycles of ups and down in the economy and life. Hearing advice on how individuals reacted or even failed during challenging times is transformational.

As I alluded to earlier, in our first episode of season two, we talk to venture capitalist and entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale who has helped found more than a dozen companies, including Palantir, Addepar, OpenGov, and more. Joe talks about our desire for human connection and what that means for building a successful team. He breaks down how to attract great talent and evangelize a community of leaders.

In the second episode, we talk to Todd Olson, co-founder and CEO of Pendo, a platform that deepens software product adoption, about product-led growth. Todd unlocks secrets for becoming more efficient and better at adapting to change. By the end of the episode, you’ll have tactics to dial up your customers’ experience.

Early in 2023, we'll also release our interview with Hollywood heavyweight Adrian Grenier. This episode is inspiring because Adrian talks transparently about the challenges personified in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The conversation also dives into small, yet impactful, strategies for becoming more sustainable at an individual level. It's a creative way to look at how people can spend a small part of each day making a positive impact on the world.

One of the best compliments ever

I often get one question: 'There's so much content out there right now, why should I listen to "Decoding Digital'?' One audience member told me that our podcast is unique because our conversations highlight how to navigate through both the highs and lows in life. They said that learning how others continue to innovate in times of turbulence is one of the best ways to drive meaningful change personally, which is a massive compliment.

Season two of "Decoding Digital" has been enlightening and incredibly inspiring for me, and I hope it will be for you too.

Happy listening!

Listen to the first episode of "Decoding Digital" season two featuring Joe Lonsdale right now. Or catch up on season one here.