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Google Partnership, Platform Updates Take Center Stage at Engage

When AppDirect was founded in 2009, our mission was clear: to help businesses find, buy, and use the technology tools they need to be successful. We d...

By Daniel Saks / AppMarket / Sep 26, 2017


SaaS Sales on a Collision Course

Learn more about how today’s SaaS sales environment demands experimentation and flexibility.

By Daniel Saks / AppDirect / May 13, 2016

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AppDirect and Xendo, Solving the Cloud Management Challenge with Search

Learn how AppDirect and Xendo, the latest addition to the AppDirect family of companies, are making cloud management easier than ever before.

By Daniel Saks / AppDirect / Mar 24, 2016

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Making Cloud Services Better with the Human Element

Read more about how AppDirect’s latest acquisition, Radialpoint, will help deliver the human element that technology users need.

By Daniel Saks / AppDirect / Jan 27, 2016

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70% of the Fortune 100 Focus on IoT; Here’s How AppDirect’s New Acquisition Can Help

Learn how our latest acquisition can help make IoT efforts a reality.

By Daniel Saks / AppDirect / Sep 24, 2015


Leading Tech Voices Join AppDirect Partner Summit to Talk Traction

Read more about how we're shifting the focus of this year’s Partner Summit and broadening its reach.

By Daniel Saks / AppDirect / Aug 14, 2015