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Digital transformation wasnt enough blog

Industry Insights

Your Digital Transformation Wasn't Enough. Now What?

Study after study shows that digital transformation projects have a sky-high rate of failure — as much as 70% in many cases. If digital transformation...

By Dan Saks / AppDirect / Sep 09, 2019

Product to platform blog

Industry Insights

Three Critical Steps to Make a Successful Move from Product to Platform

As digital transformation has gone from buzzword to mission-critical business strategy, many organizations have tried, with varying degrees of success...

By Dan Saks / AppDirect / Aug 19, 2019

Future proof mdc blog

Industry Insights

Three Ways to Radically Streamline and Future-Proof Your Digital Commerce

The complexity of today's digital commerce is reaching a crisis point, and many organizations find themselves in a no-win situation. Do nothing, and c...

By Dan Saks / AppDirect / Jun 11, 2019

Three keys winning digital strategy blog

Industry Insights

Three Keys To a Winning Digital Platform Strategy

Digital technology has become so ingrained in almost everything we do that it's hard to imagine life without it. In fact, consulting firm Accenture ar...

By Dan Saks / AppDirect / Jun 04, 2019

Start Thinking Platform

Industry Insights

Still Thinking Like a Product? Start Thinking Like a Platform

Every so often, a technology buzzword comes along that lives up to the hype. "Platform" is one of them...

By Dan Saks / AppDirect / Jan 29, 2019

Digital Economy News Roundup 2

Industry Insights

News Roundup: Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

Here’s a selection of recent digital economy news from around the world that we’re talking about at AppDirect. Digital Transformation Trends to Watch...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / Jan 03, 2019