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Company & Culture

Base Camp

I joined AppDirect as Vice President of Engineering at the beginning of June. Friday was my 28th day on the job...

By Ron Pragides / AppDirect / Jul 17, 2017

Interning At Apphelp

Company & Culture

Interning at AppHelp as a Service Delivery Specialist

Ok, so you’ve read the job posting to be a Service Delivery Specialist Intern. Sounds like an interesting job and a cool place to work, but what in th...

By Stephanie Schenk / AppHelp / Mar 24, 2017


Company & Culture

Xendo is Entering a New Era as AppWise!

All the way back in 2015 we were acquired by AppDirect, the leading commerce platform for selling cloud services. Now in 2016, Xendo is one of many Ap...

By AppWise / AppWise / Dec 16, 2016

Blog Developer

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5 Workplace Survival Tips for Developers

Being a developer isn’t easy. Of course, what snags, pitfalls, and cons there are to the trade fall very much into the #FirstWorldProblems bucket, but...

By Stephanie Petry / AppHelp / Oct 13, 2016


Company & Culture

AppCarousel is now the AppDevices division of AppDirect

Since AppCarousel’s acquisition where we joined the AppDirect family in 2015, we have continued to provide app management and monetization capabilitie...

By Elliot Tucker / AppDevices / Sep 30, 2016

Job Opps Apphelp

Company & Culture

7 Exciting Dev Job Opportunities at AppHelp

At AppHelp, we thrive on creating show-stopping customer support technology for some of the world’s best-known brands, and we know that none of it wou...

By Stephanie Petry / AppHelp / Sep 30, 2016