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Are You Ready To Succeed With a Subscription Commerce Model?

By Ideas @ AppDirect / May 04, 2021

Are You Ready To Succeed With a Subscription Commerce Model

The road to recurring revenue and superior customer experience can be perilous. Nevertheless, facing this challenge is more than worth the effort.

Many communication service providers already understand that implementing a subscription commerce model is the pathway to achieving success in the digital landscape. However, how can they persevere in their transformation?

Our upcoming live virtual event explores how you can go from survival to success. No matter where you are in your journey, you’re probably not alone. Sharing insights with experts in the field and learning about comprehensive technological solutions can help you proceed confidently with your plans.

The buzz around subscription commerce business models

We’ve found that 95% of companies have at least one product or service offered through a subscription model. However, that doesn’t mean that the transition to subscription-based revenue and delivery is simple or easy. So why is it so popular, and what’s holding back businesses as they strive to deploy this strategy?

The definition of subscription commerce

Subscription commerce refers to products and services that are available for the customer’s use on a repeated basis. Instead of completing a series of individual transactions, the customer agrees to submit a series of payments for the continued use of the product. Through cloud offerings and digital products “as a service,” communication service providers can benefit from recurring revenue enabled by subscription commerce.

In the digital economy, the successful implementation of a subscription commerce business model is the key to continued success.

The speed of digital transformation

The rate at which digital transformation is taking place is cause for concern at some companies. These businesses know the importance of tackling transitions like the shift to subscription commerce, but they still have concerns about keeping up.

In fact, our survey found that 83% of respondents were at least somewhat worried about maintaining their digital transformation pace. Furthermore, a majority of those who represented businesses that primarily sold subscription products or services said they were “very concerned.”

The challenges are real, but so is the opportunity to thrive.

Build community and learn from other communication service providers who have been there

As businesses continue to pursue digital transformation initiatives, seeking support from peers and other experts can help the process proceed more smoothly.

During our upcoming virtual event, you’ll have the chance to learn about new opportunities for automating and operationalizing processes that you may have never even considered. You’ll share strategies, stories, challenges, and questions in a community-oriented environment with built-in networking time.

By sharing best practices with like-minded peers in the industry, you’ll gain a new perspective and acquire useful takeaways you can begin leveraging immediately.

Topics will include how to launch or scale a subscription commerce model while improving the customer experience, facilitating omnichannel support, and improving your time to market for digital solutions.

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