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AppDirect Simplifies Startup by Adding Recommendation Engine

By Mary Becica / April 20, 2011

Recommendation Engine

The AppDirect team is excited to showcase its brand new signup flow, which is simpler for our users to navigate. We've made tasks front and center so you can start browsing apps, launching free trials, inviting your co-workers and then using your apps. Even better, the information you provide at AppDirect signup generates a custom queue of apps you can browse, compare and immediately start using.

Feature Spotlight: Recommendation Engine

Our Recommendation Engine is the amazing tools that powers customization. During signup, simply tell AppDirect your industry and business size, and our engine will find the best applications for your business based on feature mapping, popularity and ratings. Our Recommendation Engine suggests five apps at a time for you to try, and continues to further customize based on your feedback. If you are not interested in a suggestion, choose to see another, and our engine will remember your preferences.

We will continue to improve our engine based on our customers' feedback, so please let us know what you think. Our team is always listening for your concerns and suggestions.