Launch a Digital Ecosystem for Manufacturing


Launch a Digital Ecosystem

Fostering developer support is critical to creating a vibrant digital ecosystem. AppDirect offers developer centers designed for onboarding and facilitating new developers and solutions.

Are you combating digital marketplace stagnation?

Growing a digital business requires new and evolving digital products and services to be available. While manufacturers go to great lengths to create digital marketplaces for software, they usually lack the comprehensive onboarding tools and services needed to attract and facilitate developer support at launch and as their business scales.

Combating Digital Marketplaces Stagnation

Foster developer support and innovation

Bring innovative products to market faster than ever before. AppDirect offers a single platform for you to connect software developers and customers in a truly unified digital experience. Providing all the tools needed by developers, AppDirect ensures you have a frictionless path for everyone in your value chain to innovate on your connected devices and hardware.

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Developer Support and Innovation
Critical Components of Successful Digital Marketplaces


Read our latest whitepaper on the critical components of every successful digital marketplace.

All the capabilities you need

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    Reconciliation Engine

    Automate all vendor reconciliations and payouts, including discounts and promotions across the marketplace.


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    Robust API Catalog and Developer Tools

    Enable developers to easily onboard and utilize pre-built application functions to reduce development time and ensure a quality experience.


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    In-Depth Analytics Reporting

    Give developers key insights into user metrics to allow them to develop new apps and services that align with customer needs and expectations.


Manufacturers elevating their business with AppDirect

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More solutions for Manufacturing

  • Icons40X40 Mftg Provision Digital Solutions

    Provision & Sell Digital Services on Devices (IoT)

    Securely distribute digital services to devices (Vehicles, POS terminals, and IoT devices).


  • Icons40X40 Mftg Flexibly Monetize Digital Solutions

    Sell Digital Services & Subscriptions

    Unlock new revenue streams with a platform to sell digital products and services.


  • Icons40X40 Mftg Centralize Distribute

    Launch a Digital Marketplace

    Centralize and distribute all your digital products and services on one platform.


Create a vibrant manufacturing 4.0 ecosystem around your hardware with an industry specialist.