Software Ecosystem

A software ecosystem is the community of stakeholders that companies create to support platforms. Software ecosystems can be made up of developers, resellers, customers, software, services, and more.

These types of ecosystems are growing in popularity, especially for B2B SaaS providers. In one example, software developers, consultants, and end customers make up the ecosystem, called the AppExchange. According to IDC, software ecosystems “allow enterprises to massively scale distribution of their digital platforms and services through third-party digital innovators, accelerating adoption and revenue.”

Three Ways SaaS Vendors Can Start Monetizing Their Software Ecosystem

Software ecosystems remain a key component in the way a company operates. We walk through three ways on how SaaS vendors can start monetizing their software ecosystems.

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The Power of Software Ecosystems

Creating a Path to Monetization

Learn why offering a clear ROI is critical to attracting—and keeping— developers is a key component when it comes to a thriving developer ecosystem.

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